Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sketchpad 5: Hooded with Xs buzzin around

My hooded character chilling with a fairy in his hand. I have to think of a name for him. Symbolism!

Sketchpad 4: Naked Back

Nude chick. It was random. Added some color and i was done. Bottom heavy woman.

Sketchpad 3: loc Queen Again!

I like the way locs look on women. It's a natural sexy.

Sketchpad 2: Coco

This is Coco from Crash Bandicoot franchise. I wonder why she didn't get a solo game. Like Rescue Crash or something. Oh well.

Got a new lil sketchpad to draw more on the go...

I drew myself again to bless my new sketchpad. Lol. Added some graff element in the back. It says TRE by the way. Enjoy.